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Bee, Awareness in Leadership

At Bee, we are coaches and multidisciplinary experts with a focus on the growth of awareness in leadership.

We work in depth our self-knowledge, vision, commitment, communication, and connection with ourselves and with others, the management of our energy to bring us to a better awareness of the environment, better understanding of ourselves, of our teams and colleagues for optimal development of our behaviors and effective decision making.


Develop Yourself

At Bee, we want to offer you a space of trust, high-quality services, and very conscious international experts to help you reconnect with your strengths in order to fully develop your leadership skills. We believe in working in a holistic (mental, emotional, physical) and conscious way, to build and strengthen your vision, your energy, your commitment and your connection to yourself and to your environment. In other words, we believe in the efficiency of living creative and reflective experiences to become a conscious, authentic and inspirational leader.

At Bee we don’t offer only custom made corporate programs, we do as well create inspiring and creative experiences.

Where leaders from various nationalities, industries and companies can participate and develop themselves thanks to the diversity of the participants.


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Coaching helped me develop trust within my team

"The coaching sessions allowed me a better self-knowledge and self-acceptance, which allowed me to build trust in myself and with my collaborators."

Philippine Dericke, CEO of a Real Estate Investment Trust

I have gained great improvements thanks to this coaching process

"It has helped me to be more aware of my reactions, of my ability to control them as well as how my relations with others are an essential component to attain my goals. I have improved my relationships with my superiors and my counterparts, I have carried out my commitment to give and ask for feedback and I have confirmed improvement in my team functioning."

Lucia Escapa , Chief Information Technologies & Services Officer

Aligning my profesional goals with my skills and aspirations

"Barbara has helped me to understand better my profesional goals as well as aligning them with my skills and aspirations. Furthermore, she has changed as well the perceptions I have of my fears, enabling them to fit in the correct place, so that they could be a support instead of blocking the way. Barbara has the passion to accompany us to discover “what makes us move forward” and convert it in positive energy and a trust source."

Bruno, Senior Strategy Consultant


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