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One of my best decisions…

“I had been practicing meditation for a few years with an apps as a guide. At first, I did not see what my participation in the MBSR program could bring me, I was wrong! However, I listened to the signs in me that invited me to register, it has bee one of my best decisions. Over the weeks, I became aware of almost incessant thoughts neither positive nor constructive during my days sources of fatigue, stress … which prevented me from making each moment moments of what can really be called happiness. And over time, I also learned to really become aware of my emotions, to listen to what they had to say to me, to understand their origins, to tame them so as not to react but to provide appropriate responses to situations. The program given by Karine with a lot of benevolence allowed me to find confidence in myself, to let go in my daily life and to grow in me an emotion that dilutes all the others, which is love.” Pascal Blasco

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