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Our Team

We are like a beehive: Our multidisciplinary team of coaches and experts are at our client’s disposal to help them nurture themselves, grow and strengthen their leadership capacity.

Since all of our coaches have between 10 and 20 years of experience working in HR for companies or as consultants and facilitators, they have dealt with tasks involving the transformation of people and organizations.

We operate globally. We respond to international requests to facilitate and accompany our clients in French, English, and Spanish. In addition to a common base of knowledge, tools, and methods unique to Bee, our coaches and experts have specific experiences, extensive training in the field of personal self-development, and leadership thanks to:

· The capacity for deep listening and presence to better identify the needs of the company and individuals separately.

· The ability to create spaces of trust, suitable for difficult reflections, creativity, and change.

· A deep interest in the health and happiness of human beings as leaders as role models. Also an extensive understanding of the connections between the body and the mind to obtain a holistic vision of leadership development.