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Collective Coaching in Leadership

Collective coaching brings together a group of people who share professional challenges. During the sessions, they learn together and cultivate “collective intelligence” through a process that structures a speech, listening, reflection and action.

It is intended for people who want to learn from their respective experiences by addressing their roles, their legitimacy, and the extent of their influence in order to analyze and understand their ways of acting in a professional situation.
The particular style and quality of our facilitation or professional guiding, as well as the interactions within the group, activate new abilities, lead to change certain principles of action and to develop an approach, a decision or the possibility of new behavior in a confident manner.


Create a place of trust to learn about topics of common interest, as well as to deal with actual and current situations of group members, and grow thanks to the diversity and collective intelligence of the group.


• For existing work teams that want to improve their performance.
• For newly arrived expatriate groups that seek to share their intercultural adaptation challenges and successfully integrate more quickly.
• For groups of entrepreneurs who need to find support and ideas in the diversity of the group to grow their business.
• For groups of women who want to share their challenges linked to the lack of female models in companies and gain confidence with their own style of leadership.
• For any other purpose associated with professional development that requires bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds who share a common interest.


A collective coaching group is made up of a maximum of five to eight people who share common interests or challenges. They will meet once a month, ideally for a year, with a duration of around 4 hours per session. A part of the session will be devoted to a previously chosen topic and the second part will consist of a co-development process, dealing with a current situation or challenge proposed by one or several members.
It can be completed with an existing team.
The facilitator guides the group, paying attention to both the process and the content of the session, stimulating sensitive interactions within the small group and playing the role of guarantor of the application of the code of ethics.