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Leadership training programs

Organizations go through continuous changes and their challenges of innovation, customer orientation and digital transformation require the efficient development of their leaders and talents.

In this new era, it is crucial that leadership and organizational models evolve respectively. Talents want to learn and grow through permanent feedback. They need more and more environments in which they can exercise their full potential, where they can participate in the co-creation of a meaningful future.
We provide you with the highest quality leadership programs, tailored to address the specific needs of each company. We have expert trainers and coaches whose mission is to guarantee the optimal conditions for your leaders to reach the awareness and development necessary to become conscious leaders. This will create suitable environments for people to feel highly motivated and achieve effective development faster.


Provide your leaders with the tools they need to develop awareness and self-awareness so that they can cultivate a conscious leadership, and be able to adapt quickly and successfully to the particular challenges of your company.


• When starting a new position with team management responsibilities.
• When adapting to a common language and practices linked to leadership.
• When the leaders of your organization wish to grow professionally and as a person. Our programs are a valuable motivation tool to further the development of their leadership competencies.
• When mentoring your high potentials for future professional changes.


Dynamic and inspiring seminars and workshops: powerful and profound development programs. Seminars that combine group coaching, individual coaching, co-development and self-coaching (tools, assessments, reading material…). Very attractive programs during which talents are activated through roleplaying in order to improve their leadership potential through constructive feedback. Programs that combine challenge and benevolence, to promote learning in an environment of enjoyment and safety. Tailor-made courses, taking into account the culture of the organization and future strategic challenges. Moments of learning where inspiration and experimentation are combined. Facilitators and certified senior coaches with experience in group facilitation practice will be ready to start working with you in Spanish, English, and French.