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Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness is a discipline of mind training, validated by neuroscience through scientific studies, which reduces stress, develops attention, emotional intelligence, and leadership. This training program includes:
• Focus and concentration on what is important: We take advantage of the innate capacities of the mind to strengthen and improve our leadership.
• Emotional Intelligence: Mindfulness leads us to a systematic brain training to learn to be aware of our emotions and choose effective behaviors for ourselves and in relation to others.
• Strategic vision: Helps to increase our capacity to concentrate on what is important, to have a greater global vision of situations and to generate, in this way, a more productive vision for the company.
• Flexibility to change: We initiate changes and achieve improvements by accessing intuition and connecting fully with others.
• Resilience: We learn to create productive and healthy habits to cultivate our mental and physical resilience.
• Creativity and innovation: Through the creation of spaces that allow us to feel more comfortable with uncertainty and adversity, the production of creative solutions is stimulated.

Some scientific results of the teams whose leaders have completed an MBSR program or Mindfulness Leadership course:
• “Research shows that a conscious leader is perceived as more charismatic, authentic and trustworthy”. (Langer, 1997)
• “The leader becomes a more reflective and more conscious professional, capable of transmitting the values to his employees”. (Lozano, 2011)
• “Improvement of assertiveness with the team, as the form of conscious communication”. (Langer, 1997)
• “Reduction of the stress of the leader and their team” (Delgado, Guerra, Perakakis, Viedma, Humbelina, 2010).
• “Greater sense of self-realization that leads to greater interest in the welfare of others and a better relationship with the team.” (Maslow, Walsh, Vaughan, 1982).
• “Increase in the generation of positive feelings in their work team” (Delgado, Guerra, Perakakis, Viedma, Humbelina, 2010)


Mindfulness helps the individual to focus on what is really important, to gain mental clarity, global vision, emotional balance, improve decision making, and manage stress effectively. It also helps to better manage uncertainty and strengthens resilience.


Mindfulness is being implemented in companies such as Google, Apple, City Bank, General Mills, Heineken, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Banco Santander, BBVA, Repsol, etc.
It is ideal for any manager invested in their own welfare, happiness, and who wants to improve their professional efficiency.


• Weekly group sessions from 2 to 5 hours each, for 8 weeks.
• Experiential learning, with the support of theory necessary to understand the scientific foundations of Mindfulness.
• It includes various exercises and individual tasks to be practiced daily at work or at home. The program requires a great commitment on the part of the participants: attend all classes and perform 45 minutes of tasks per day.
• Materials will be delivered with the contents, audio meditations, and readings.
• Participants can consult their doubts with the instructor to ensure their progress