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Retreats · Boot Camps to develop your Leadership

Leadership is a trade that lies in who we are as individuals. Making time to reflect and discover about ourselves is not only essential for our success, but it is also essential to lead in an authentic, conscious and courageous way. With a flexible structure and plenty of space to breathe, our programs have an impact far beyond the retreat.

Retreats · Boot Camps to develop your Leadership


With an intimate purpose, participants exchange ideas, learn methodologies and practice mindfulness to access intuition, wisdom, and creativity and thus connect with their own style of leadership. Everyone returns home having developed their awareness and resilience to live and lead from within.


• For people who want to lead through their own authentic and powerful style.
• For companies that want to offer their leaders a boost of developmental programs.
• For any manager who thinks that they deserve a break in a benevolent environment in order to reconnect with their strengths.


We offer one-day retreats in Madrid, in an oasis of calm and inspiration, to start working on oneself in terms of one’s personal life project.
We also have 4-day retreats in exotic destinations to deeply disconnect, replenish energy, observe and develop our leadership from another point of view, with greater depth.
When we really listen we realize that there is much to discover within us. Conscious yoga, nature walks, guided meditation, work on the voice … whether you are a beginner or someone who practices these activities daily, there will be many ways to be present and a lot of time to process the changes that will arise.
Coaches and experts accompany the work by providing content, exercises and role-play with great benevolence and experience.
During the breaks is when the magic happens, especially when you are in the company of powerful people. Whether enjoying a delicious meal together or in the course of work activity in pairs or in groups, the connections occur.