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Professional background: Truly passionate about human development and the arts (singing, dancing, and theatre). Sophie seeks to increase learning experiences. She had the opportunity to interact with different cultures in France, Canada, Singapore and today, Madrid. These experiences have revolutionized her way of thinking, work, and living.
After 15 years of working in Human Resources (Talent Development and Organizations Development Management, Change Management, Learning, and Development) for different organizations (Accenture, Danone, BHP Billiton), Sophie followed her heart by embarking on the human adventure of an amateur theatre company and teaching drama to children. She found that her passion for teaching theatre became the foundation of personal development.
“Theatre is a wonderful way to build trust, adapt to differences, apply complementarity, become aware of the power of a collective group, and get to know each other better!”.

Specialization: Personal development, creativity, and theatre. In 2014 she trained in coaching and in co-development in 2018. She has been teaching drama to children since 2013.

Portrait: With her head in the clouds (a dreamer) and her feet on the ground (pragmatic) Sophie will be with you on the path to self-knowledge so you can create the kind of life you have always wanted and live your dreams.

Vision: “Get rid of everything that isn’t useful. Reconnect with your intuition, your emotions, and your passions, in order to get to the essentials and live life to the fullest”.