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When 15 executive women joined for a retreat – November 2019

15 women gathered in a place conducive to calm, reflection and self-care

We have shared last Saturday, a beautiful day of mindfulness retreat to recharge energy and connect with our strengths, to develop a mindful leadership and we are very grateful for the trust these women invested in this project, their dedication during that day and their courage to explore places that are not always easy to access. A network of support and inspiration among women was created, which we hope will continue over time. It has been a pleasure to develop and facilitate this program with this generous group.

Thanks to Luisa for welcoming us in her magnificent and inspiring house La Machota, lost in the middle of nature.

A mischievous wink of Life that once again reminds us that almost nothing is what it seems … La Machota is a mountain, which better symbol to cultivate vulnerability and gain in equanimity, stability, strength and resilience.

Warm regards,

Karine and Barbara

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